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soo the deadpool movie will be pg-13 not r rated


Doesn’t that kind of defeat the point of a Deadpool movie?

Aside from the Deadpool MAX series Deadpool has never been a “mature” property.

The other major thing is superhero movies are incredibly expensive to produce. There’s a reason why nothing in the MCU is R-rated. They realize they need as broad an audience as possible, an yes, that includes children.

Totally agree with fyeahlilbit3point0 there is virtually no reason why DP would even be an R rated movie, his best stories are all of the PG variety no matter how dark they got.

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The person behind me at Starbucks scoffed at me because I ordered my coffee with soy milk, but asked for a tiny bit of whip cream.

"Why get soy milk if you are getting whip cream?"

Because I only want a tiny bit of whip cream and it won’t affect me that much so shut the fuck up. Of course, I didn’t say anything but the barista, whom I am friendly with, smiled at me, because she knows.

Filed under starbucks lactose intolerant that is the first time I have ever encountered something like that IRL it was really weird and rude tbh I love my barista she is so sweet there is a starbucks in the store I work in